Best Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones in 2017

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  1. Chris says:


    Great information on some of the best noise cancelling headphones out there.

    I have heard about these, but have never actually tried them.

    In your opinion, how effective are they in regards to cancelling out outside noises?

    I am actually looking for some new headphones for the gym, so this is a welcoming post.


    • admin says:

      Well, they cancel noise so you basically cannot hear any external noise outside. Do try out one of these headphones as all of them are pretty good.

  2. Agnes Nowak says:

    Hi there, this is really great. Very informative points. I am looking for good quality headphones for my husband mainly for TV watching and his action movies which can be very loud when I study. I need ones that he can still enjoy the sound quality of the movie and I can enjoy my peace and quiet. Which ones would you recommend as best quality & comfort without looking at the price tag?

  3. JeffWA says:

    Hi, Shrestha! Before you introduced the 5 noise-cancelling bluetooth headphones in your article you did a terrific job in explaining the difference between passive versus active systems. Many people probably would not know the difference between the two and, otherwise. perhaps purchase something that they would discover as being inadequate at presenting the type of sound that the person desired regarding music.

    As you had the Bose phones listed first, the price alone to me indicates that they are indeed much better than some of the others on your list; coming in at a much lower prices.

    A few years ago, only because they were on sale I purchased a pair of Beats’ noise-cancelling headphones. They were valued originally at well over $200. But because it was a special Black Friday, (actually held on Thanksgiving evening) sale at Target I got them for 40% off the regular price. The next day, they were only at 20% off as I recall. Best pair of headphones I have ever owned in my life. Now, they have the wireless, battery headphones which do not require the cord being plugged into the system producing the music – often in my case my desktop computer.

    Money aside were I to be interested in another set of headphones, I would go with the Bose without hesitation. I also have always preferred the over-the ear headphones versus ear bud phones such as what you advertised with the Cowin, Sony and Phaiser models. Just my preference, however!
    Great article!


    • admin says:

      Sony one mentioned here is actually going to be released day after which is Sept 15 and I’m going to get those for sure.

      I think it was a really good ides to buy during black Friday since the costs of every product gets really cheap and it is amazing how you can get ton of stuff for a much lower price point. I hope you get the Bose ones as well since they are amazing. I have always believed that Bose and Sony are the two you should try and buy in headphones and you can never go wrong with them.

  4. Win Bill says:

    The cowin her seems to be my thing because I always sweat it very easily. I know this sounds gross but anything my swag touches eventually starts breaking down or turning yellow. I guess this applies to everybody. The noise cancellation seems fine and I don’t necessarily dislike the idea of hearing other people. Just in case I drop something while I am running then someone actually remind me to pick it up. About how far away can the bluetooth signal still pick up from the cell phone? Sometimes I am leaving my phone to charge and I want to know how far away from my phone I can get.

    • admin says:

      Haha, trust me sweats was made to bring down swags! The range of this headphones could be around 60 ft which is pretty good.  The Cowin headphones are pretty famous for their wireless range.

  5. YClayto says:

    I really enjoyed reading through your review of the Bluetooth headphones. I learned a great deal from your reviews and I did not realize there are passive and active noise cancelling devices. It is very important to have the ability to cancel certain noises but then to have comfort in a device.

    Thank you for being so thorough with your review and giving so many different products to compare. It is a very helpful page.

    Once again, thank you.

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