Working out can be boring at times, especially when you are not in a group with a bunch of your friends who would motivate you. The only way to escape the boredom while working out alone is by plugging in your headphones and feeling a bit pumped up and motivated by the music of your choice.

Now, what if this only way to escape boredom had some strings attached? Yes, I’m talking about the regular wired headphones which not only get tangled every now and then but sometimes even fall off while exercising. You might end up cleaning it regularly because not all headphones are waterproof and using them during the rainy season is somewhat a far fetched thought.

Luckily, we have the Bluetooth sports headphones to our rescue. They are durable, sweat-resistant, waterproof and have a pretty decent battery life. I like the simplicity of these headphones and the way they are extremely comfortable during the workout sessions.