Jaybird X3 vs Jaybird X2

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  1. stefanie says:

    Hi, great review. I have recently joined a gym and am looking for a good pair of durable headphones and I think i may have found them. I love the fact that they actually stay in as I always have problems with earphones falling out, so this really is a big selling point. Also, I think you are spot on, the Jaybird X3 earphones are better than X2, they even look more comfortable and streamlined. It’s curious to find out that they are actually cheaper.

    • admin says:

      I’m pretty sure most of the people find it annoying when the headphones keep falling out of the ears all the time. I guess they just optimized the price and made it a little less than the Jaybird X2. If you look at the price they still cost more than an average priced headphones so they are not that cheap after all!

  2. Kyle Green says:

    I have yet to own Jaybird headphones but I have always wanted to try them out. They are bit pricey for me as I usually stick to the standard apple headphones or my $40 skullcandy earphones. What is their warranty like on these earphones? I’m guess it is pretty dang good based on the reviews I’ve heard from people who use them and considering the price.

    • admin says:

      They come with a warranty of one year, however, do check how the warranty works for your country before you make the purchase.

  3. Jeanri van Tonder says:

    I recently borrowed my friend’s Jaybird X2 headphones for running and I absolutely loved it! The sound quality was so clear while I was running, it felt like I was in a different world. That’s when I decided to have a look at the Jaybird X3 headphones. I wanted to do some more research though, and your article is just what I needed. I find it amazing that the X3 headphones work out cheaper than the X2 headphones.

    • admin says:

      Yeah, they actually thought of making these headphones more compact and affordable in comparison to the predecessor, Jaybird X2.

  4. Matt's Mom says:

    Both the Jaybird X2 and the Jaybird X3 look like great headphones. I am looking for a great pair for working out at the gym. I just remember something my ENT told me ( I have not the greatest hearing), that the more the bud fits into the ear (takes up space), the less exterior sound will get in. So, with that do you think that I would hear better with the X2’s because of the bigger earbud? Listening isn’t the easiest for me as it is, so I want to make sure that any other noises are blocked out. Thanks

    • admin says:

      Well, the noise isolation is almost the same on both the headphones because even if the size of the earbuds is different it does not affect the noise cancellation way too much in this case. However, going for the Jaybird X3 would be better in your case, hope this helps!

  5. Ephraim Gerstein says:

    What I like about this post is that after going through each model feature for feature, you pick one that you like best. It seems to me that although both the Jaybird X2 and X3 are very close in performance, I would choose the X3 because I am a tech nerd who likes to fiddle with the settings and the more settings there are to fiddle with, the happier I am.

    Did I read correctly that the X3 are cheaper than the X2?

    • admin says:

      Yes, they are actually cheaper. I guess, Jaybird just wanted to up their game in terms of performance and affordability. These headphones are amazing !

  6. Kevin says:

    Hi, I found this post really helpful…

    Two months ago I was about to buy a jaybird X2, I was convinced it was the best Bluetooth headphone for my workouts but one thing happened…

    I was called to be part of a triathlon team and realized I will need a waterproof headphone made for swimming…

    Can you tell me which version of these two is the best of my needs… and if neither of them are, can you point me in the right direction?

    Thanks so much. Have a Great day…

  7. Anna says:

    Just on time! I recently started running a lot and was looking for a great quality bluetooth headphones. Honestly As a newbie I never thought that there are special sport ones. I heard about jaybird company before from my fitness trainer but never paid attention that they are actually designed for sport. It is great comparison of these 2 models but I do not see much difference between these two models and as of price X2 of course are cheaper. What is the warranty on both models?

    • admin says:

      I would recommend the X3 over the X2 and they aree actually pretty comfortable headphones when it comes to running and other sports activities.

  8. Dr. Misty Baker says:

    Thank you so much for this very informative article! I have been researching Bluetooth headphones and this helped me to narrow down my search tremendously!

    How about ear design? Are they moldable or pretty standard? Have you found any issues or problems reported with fitting in the ear and staying?

    • admin says:

      No, they fit perfectly with the fin tips. You have different fin tips and ear tips, you can choose which one fits the best on you.

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