JLAB Audio Epic 2 Review

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12 Responses

  1. Joanne Hakaraia says:

    I’ve definitely added these to my wish list.
    Thanks for the thorough review, I’m pretty much sold on these already.
    I get very frustrated with poor quality sound, so I tend to purchase reasonably good headphones but haven’t yet bought myself a bluetooth set. I have been meaning to, purely for the convenience of it and the fact life will be slightly less awkward without the pesky cord!
    I’ve been looking for a set, which doesn’t cost the earth but has some decent specifications. Thanks for sharing!

    • admin says:

      Yes, these headphones are really good if you are looking for some good quality sports Bluetooth headphones. Bluetooth headphones are way better than the normal ones and once you start using the bluetooth headphones you would not feel like going back to the normal headphones.

  2. Joana Marie DjMori says:

    Good thing I found your website, I was looking for a earphone that I can use while on my exercise routine and for my night listening habbits before I go bed. Although JLAB is quite expensive and out of my budget it is one of the best and made me think if I gonna buy it next month.
    Do you have any recommend bluetooth earphone that is cheaper than JLAB and available in Canada.
    Thank you so much in advance.

    With a warm smile,
    Joana Marie

  3. Liz says:

    It’s great that I found your page about headphones. It’s heard to find cordless headphones for me to work out in that I wouldn’t mind bring with me to the gym without worrying about them being stolen. Cordless headphones are so much much better to purchase more than anything and I can’t wait to check these out in the near future. Thanks for the info.

    • admin says:

      Yeah, these could get stolen as well but they do have an advantage that you don’t need to remove them in a few workouts since they are wireless! Glad that you found the post useful!

  4. Dave says:

    I had some headphones that really disappointed me. Some merchant I bought from told me they would last for more than 10 months if I took good care of them.

    And it didn’t take more than 4 to get them broken. I didn’t break them. I just woke up one day and the sound quality was reduced. From there, a series of troubles followed!

    Now I was wondering how durable these are, to know what I’m paying for. If you can be accurate with the period I would be very happy.

    Thanks in advance.

    • admin says:

      I would love to be accurate with the period but I can only say that it really depends. Sometimes there can be some manufacturing defect in the products and that can cause them to wear out faster that they usually would. My headphones lasted me for a year and I’m pretty sure this one would as well.

      I think one of the major reasons that headphones can get ruined is when you sleep with them. Try to keep them away from you while you are sleeping since you do not want to pull the wires in your sleep. That happens quite often with most of us and it spoils the headphones due to lose connection in the wires.

  5. Robert says:

    Enjoyed the review for JLAB. Is that the name of the Company or is it manufactured by someone else?

    Certainly seems like a great value for the money. I like the 12 hour batter time that helps for those long hikes or runs.

    When you say the sound quality is the best are you referring to all headphones?

    Glad that I saw the review. I think it comes just in time.

    • admin says:

      See the sound quality is the best for the price that you are paying. Not all headphones have this great price/feature balance. Sound quality obviously has to be relative and I cannot write exactly how good the sound quality is but if you have used a premium headphones which are the high end ones then the JLAB does give them a competition. So I hope I have cleared your doubt.

      JLAB is the name of the brand.

  6. Nick81 says:

    I’ve read your review with much interest. I was looking for the best brand for headphones and definetely I’ll go for wirelles. Music helps me maintain a good rhytm in the gym. The sound quality and the battery life are the 2 arguments I’m looking in wirelles headphones. Thanks a lot.

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