Powerbeats 2 vs Powerbeats 3 wireless Headphones

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  1. Mohamed says:

    Hey, cool post.

    I think I like the powerbeats 3 more due to the longer battery life. I’m constantly on the road driving and I like having headphones in to stay focused. I don’t want to have to charge my headphones every few hours.

    I’m currently using the senso bluetooth headphones which look similar to these. I don’t think they’re water resistant though.

    Anyway, thanks for the comparison on these similar headphones.

    • admin says:

      SENSO headphones can tolerate splashes of water, I had mine go into the washing machine once and when I removed it out of my pant pockets, they were still working. Although the sound on the Powerbeats is way better then SENSO.

      Glad this comparison post helped!

  2. Daniel says:

    These headphones look great and certainly seem to deliver when it comes to sound quality, comfort and performance. The longer battery life of powerbeats 3 would initially make them a more attractive purchase than the powerbeats 2, but there is a big difference in price. Most people would use there headphones whilst commuting to work or in the gym and a 6 hour battery life should be enough to last the journey to work and back, plus your gym session. Yes you might need to to recharge more often, but if you can enjoy the same styling a performance for less money, then powerbeats 2 is still an attractive buying option.

  3. Win Bill says:

    Bluetooth headsets nowadays are very popular, that is why even my coworkers have bought a couple of new ones. The Powerbeats looks lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear. I like how the hooks keeps the headphones secure on our ear so that it doesn’t fall off every time you try to tie your shoes. Power beats 3 has twice the battery life compared to power beats 2 which is nice. However, for me its not too much of a priority because I don’t listen to music, so the headphones will just be a nice convenience when I watch a movie or two. Maybe power Beats 2 will be enough for me. What do you think?

    • admin says:

      If you are investing, it is wise to go for the Powerbeats 3. I think with a couple of bucks you get a great battery life which you can use for travelling as well. The Powerbeats 2 might need you to carry a charger around. However, if you plan on just using it for gym or a movie or two then you can go for the Powerbeats 2.

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